I had this meeting at my job like a couple days ago. I don’t wanna say the name of where I work, but it’s a pretty well known retail store for house improvement.

But, at the meeting my manager was taking about the store sales. And that we made like a million dollars at the store alone, based off the performance + stuff we sold. Soon as he said a million dollars everyone gasped, and clapped. Kinda happy. Well mixed feelings.

I’m sitting there thinking how can I truly clap for this or be happy when I just made the CEO + founders even richer. Like I don’t get it, how people don’t think about that. We make them rich, while we make a average salary by working hard nearly everyday.

Society and robots share a lot of similarities.

Robots are programmed how to operate, move, act, till the day they can’t operate no more.

In society you have to follow + live by this boring way of living day to day. Like everyone else. Till the day you die. 

Go to school, work a regular job, pay off loans + debt, live check-to-check, buy a house, start a family, blah blah blah.

Fuck that.